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Offshore Logistic Solutions

Sturrock Grindrod Maritime's Offshore division is dedicated to providing superior vessel and procurement services as well as reliable staffing and plenary offshore and onshore solutions.

Africa, and the oceans surrounding it, harbour some of the largest reserves of untapped oil and gas on the planet. With its variegated coastline and infrastructure challenges, local knowledge and decades of experience are necessary for both navigation and negotiation.

Sturrock Grindrod Maritime has established, long-standing partnerships with successful local operations and our Offshore division can provide reliable expertise, insight and knowledge of local authorities and suppliers as well as a plethora of specialised services:

Sturrock Grindrod Offshore
Head Office

17th Floor, 2 Long Street,
Cape Town, 8001
PO Box 2745, Cape Town, 8000,
South Africa
P +27 21 830 7000
E offshore@sturrockgrindrod.com

Key contact after hours:
Divisional Executive
Rob Gardner +27 82 891 5244


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