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Mitchell Cotts

A firm commitment to service excellence

Mitchell Cotts Maritime has been operating in South Africa as an established Ships Agency company since 1895 is now part of the Sturrock Grindrod Martime group.

From accounts to freight documentation, marketing to IT support, container tracking & logistics to carrier haulage and numerous vessel operations services, including super cargo & surveys, we have our clients covered.

Mitchell Cotts Maritime use an In-house computer system which links to local Customs, South African Ports, Depots and Clients via EDI.

Our Services
  • Issuing of waiver certificates for all sea imports to the following countries:
    • Republic of Angola (CNCA)
    • Democratic Republic of Congo (FERI)
    • Benin (ECTN)
    • Cameroon (ECTN)
    • Mali (ECTN)
    • Republic of Guine-Bissau (CNC-GB)

Offices & Contacts

Mitchell Cotts
Head Office

6th Floor, Grindrod Mews,
106 Margaret Mncadi Avenue, Durban, 4001
PO Box 1021, Durban, 4000, South Africa
P +27 31 302 7555
F +27 31 305 2455


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